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Badminton Shuttlecocks

Want to buy goose feather shuttlecocks? Or do you use durable nylon birdies? Find the largest range of 100% authentic branded badminton shuttlecocks online. Made with quality material, you can expect high speed and accurate shots with the shuttlecocks. Ideal for recreational matches as well as professional badminton tournaments, shop BWF-approved badminton shuttlecocks at low prices. Bulk order discount available.

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Buy Badminton Shuttlecocks Online

Move over badminton rackets and badminton shoes! There is one small yet significant aspect of the game that you should never ignore. A shuttlecock can make or break any game. Buying the right shuttlecock is a crucial aspect of the game. So, do not buy the first set of shuttlecocks that you see online.

What is the Right Decision: Feather Shuttlecocks or Nylon Shuttlecocks?

Feather shuttlecocks are made of duck feathers or goose feathers. On the other hand, the synthetic ones come in plastic or nylon. Competitive players have to opt for feather shuttlecocks because of the rules of professional badminton matches. But, the rules do not apply to someone playing badminton for recreational purposes. Learn how to make a decision between the two:

Feather Shuttlecocks

Feather shuttlecocks offer incredible aerodynamic lift. It has a greater initial speed making it perfect for close net shots. If you are a professional player with tons of experience, it is best to opt for feather shuttlecocks because it will help you to place your shots accurately. Also, it is compulsory to use feather ones in professional matches which means you will have to learn how to use them in order to win the game.

Nylon Shuttlecocks

Nylon shuttlecocks are useful because of its long life and low cost. Feather shuttlecocks may offer you the perfect aerodynamic support. But, they are not durable. You may have to replace them after every match. On the other hand, nylon shuttlecocks are less expensive and last for a very long time. So, when you are a new player still learning the nuances of the game, go for nylon shuttlecocks. They are cheap and great for practice.

Making the Final Decision: Feather Shuttlecocks Vs. Nylon Ones

Buying feather shuttlecocks or nylon shuttlecocks depends on the level of your game. If you are a beginner, stick to nylon birdies. They won’t burn a hole in your pocket. They are great for a quick game over the weekend. But, if you want to make it as a professional badminton player, buy feather shuttlecocks. They will help you improve your shots as well as your game.

When you have made a decision to buy badminton shuttlecocks, why walk down to a sport store? You can make a quick purchase over the web. Shop with an online badminton store to buy feather shuttlecocks as well as nylon shuttlecocks at wholesale prices.

Remember to choose an online store that sells 100% authentic badminton equipment. It will help you to finish shopping for all types of badminton equipment including badminton bags, badminton shoes, badminton rackets, stringing machines and other accessories online. Happy shopping; happy playing!