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Badminton Grips

No matter the playing conditions, you should not compromise on the quality of badminton grips. They keep the racket from slipping away. When playing badminton, choose anti-slip racket grips that absorb perspiration and allow you to play the shots easily. Browse through the largest collection of branded badminton replacement grips, overgrips and towel grips in varying textures, sizes, thickness, materials and colors online. Enjoy discount prices on 100% authentic badminton grips.

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Buy Badminton Racket Grips Online

A badminton player should never take racket grips lightly because they have a significant impact on your game. Without a proper racket grip, the racket may slip and fall down. It may even hit your opponent and cause injury. If you want to ensure proper shot placement, consider choosing the right grip for your badminton racket.

Racket Grips: Tiny not Trivial!

Most players concentrate on the badminton racket, shoes and even their outfits. But, they forget about the grip. Having a good-quality badminton racket grip offers the following benefits:

1. Additional cushion to help you hold the racket properly.
2. Effective in sweat absorption.
3. Helpful in avoiding blisters.
4. Ideal for comfortable racket handling during humid environment.
5. Assistance in hitting the shots with accuracy and precision.

We sell Different Types of Badminton Racket Grips!

Just as buying badminton rackets, shoes or any other badminton supplies require research and time, rackets grips are no different. There are many factors that determine your choice. Your level of play, style of playing, environment conditions, shape of racket, balance of the racket and several other things become important for choosing the right badminton racket grip. But first, let’s understand the different options available in the market.

The Replacement Grip

The replacement grip means the grip that you use to replace the original grip of the racket. The original grip can get damaged due to prolonged use of the racket. Replacement grips come in different materials. However, the most popular material is Polyurethane.

The Overgrip

If you want to increase the stickiness of the original grip, then you can wrap it with an overgrip. An overgrip is thinner than the replacement grip. It is because its purpose is not to cover the racket handle. It is used to increase the grip size and ensure that the racket is not slippery.

The Towel Grip

The towel grip is made of cotton and ideal for absorbing sweat. If you are playing outdoors or in a humid climate, it is best to use a towel grip. It is essential to remember that you must replace the towel grip regularly so that it doesn’t become infected with bacteria.

Your Choice of Grip depends on your Playing Style!

Power Game

A thicker racket grip makes sure that you are able to hit the shots with more strength. So, players who prefer to play power game, go for thick racket grips. They usually wrap the original grip with additional replacement grip and an overgrip. While using grips, make sure that the balance of the racket remains head-heavy. Otherwise, it will be difficult to hit power shots such as smash.

Control Game

A thinner grip is a favorite of players who enjoy playing the game of badminton with technique. If you are going to replace the original grip with a slightly thinner replacement grip, make sure that the racket is head-light. It will ensure easy maneuvering of the racket.

Now that you have decided on the kind of grip you want to buy, make a quick online purchase. With the help of the trusted online badminton store, buying badminton supplies at affordable cost becomes a piece of cake. Shop for badminton bags, badminton shoes, racket grips, badminton rackets and several other badminton products at wholesale prices. Enjoy free shipping on your order.